5 Ways to Improve Your DIY Plumbing Skills

toilet in a bathroom closet

Fixing Plumbing Problems Yourself

Many home plumbing problems can be fixed by yourself; there’s often no need to call a plumber, so long as you know what you’re doing.

But if you’re a new homeowner and/or have no experience fixing a leaky toilet or faucet, how can you learn these skills?

Take a look below for five ways you can improve your DIY plumbing skills.

5 Ways to Improve Your DIY Plumbing Skills

  1. JUST TRY.

Many home plumbing tasks are really, really, really easy to do. For example, fixing a leaky faucet often could be as simple as swapping its old washer out for a new one. Stopping a “running” toilet tank could be as simple as installing a new fill valve (super easy, we promise). Dislodging a stubborn toilet blockage can be as easy as turning a plumbing snake.

  1. Read Some DIY Plumbing Blogs and Websites

Many of these DIY plumbing websites offer step-by-step instructions either via video or bulleted paragraphs (often both). Some of the better “learn DIY plumbing” sites include:

For specific plumbing issues, just Google (for example) “fix toilet leak,” and up will pop thousands of pages with instructions, often including the aforementioned how-to videos and directions.

  1. Take Advantage of Free Lessons Offered at Big-Box Homeowner Supply Stores.

We don’t have to mention them by name – you undoubtedly know what stores we’re talking about. Yet these homeowner supply stores often offer free workshops (usually on weekends) on how to paint, install flooring, create a deck….and fix your plumbing.

  1. Take Classes at Your Local Community College

Doing so will require some financial outlay on your part (although community colleges keep tuition affordable), but if your college has programs to train people to become plumbers, why not see if you can sign up for one or two?

  1. Watch a Friend Experienced in Plumbing DIY Work Her Magic

You probably know someone who is pretty good at this “DIY stuff.” If so, if you learn that she is about to tackle a plumbing problem at home, ask if you can hang out and maybe help. Ask questions as your friend fixes the problem and don’t be shy about asking if you can wield the wrench, plumber’s snake, remove the pipe under the sink, etc. under her watchful eye.

While many home plumbing problems can be fixed easily by a homeowner, many cannot! Don’t be a hero: If you don’t think you can fix something yourself, don’t “give it a shot,” because you could make things worse (and end up paying a lot more to a plumber for an emergency visit). Instead, call upon the Dallas plumbers at Plumbing Dynamics for help. Give our office a call at 214-929-3431 for assistance with plumbing in Carrollton, TX.