Signs Root Obstruction is Ruining Your Plumbing

tree root pipe infiltration

Tree Root Infiltration

Trees may be natural beauties, but they can cast a dark shadow over your property if their thriving roots interfere with your plumbing.

Root obstruction is a common problem among homeowners but can lead to some big problems. If you have large trees planted near your home, be on the lookout this spring for some of these signs that your plumbing system has fallen victim to root obstruction.

Unusual Growth

Sometimes examining the lushness of your landscaping can be a way to spot a potential root problem. If you notice that a certain tree is thriving in comparison to surrounding shrubbery, this could mean that its roots have made an unwanted home in your sewer line.

Other visible signs of a problem include:

  • Overtly lush patches of grass
  • Extraordinary bush growth

Sinkholes in the Yard

If your feet begin to sink into your lawn, then you could have a plumbing emergency on your hands. Root-damaged pipes tend to create leaks. These leaks can quickly spread water throughout your yard. This flooding can create areas in the yard that sink in and will serve as a red flag for a root obstruction.

Your Home’s Drainage Slown Down

When your pipes become clogged up with root growth, naturally, your home will experience some problems with how pipes, toilets, and drains function.

If you notice that the drains in your sinks and tubs aren’t draining well, this is one of the earlier signs of an obstruction within your system. Don’t reach for the chemical drain cleaner for help! Not only will this solution fail to clear out a root obstruction, but it can also lead to further pipe damage within the home.

Constantly clogged or slow drains aren’t how a home should function. Find a reputable plumber to help resolve the problem!

Foul Smells Around the Property

Remember, your sewer line runs from the front of your property. So, a rancid smell that rises from your front yard is not only a sure sign of a sewer line problem, but it’s a plumbing emergency.

Sewage and the stench that comes with it pose a serious health risk to your family and those who visit your home. Keep your nose on alert and report any waste-like odors to a top-rated plumber.

Repair Your Root Damaged Systems With Plumbing Dynamics

Have tree roots severely damaged your sewer lines or other important plumbing systems? If so, don’t let your household suffer another minute. Let the emergency plumbers of Plumbing Dynamics help!

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