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Plumbing Dynamics has a team of professionally certified plumbers who are ready to take over every step of the process of a new construction plumbing installation in Carrollton, TX. Expect to have a home that is securely completed for a long-lasting and durable plumbing system.

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The Process of New Construction Plumbing

When it comes to new construction plumbing, every region of the country will require different considerations, codes, permits, and legal processes during construction. With each new project, it’s best to check with your local city or county to see what processes will look like for you.

Once permits and codes are handled, new construction will begin. First up are running drain and vent lines. These should be placed precisely in order to avoid issues done on the line such as water not draining out of the home properly.

After this is done, it’s time to install your water supply lines. Most are made out of copper pipes as they are corrosion-resistant and pliable. With supply lines be sure to avoid crossing over drain or vent lines in order to simplify future plumbing repairs.

After all of these plumbing lines have been put into place, you’ll be able to install fixtures. Here you’ll be able to implement stylistic preferences with your sink basins and faucets. Afterward, make sure to shield them with plastic or tarps to protect them from other steps in the construction process.

The final step is to add wet walls or tile where it’s needed. These are typically placed around tubs or showers to prevent surrounding walls from growing mold or rot. Make sure to leave enough room at the edge of the tube to allow room for grout. You may also add tile and wet walls around the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

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Plumbing Dynamics is ready to complete your new construction plumbing installation in Carrollton, TX. From start to finish, your property will have all materials and components secured so that your plumbing can last for years to come without fail. Reach out to our team of experts to get started on your plumbing project at 214-929-3431!