Your Condo and the Leaking Wall Pipe

If you own a single-family home and find a leak in a wall pipe, it’s relatively easy to fix in that you’re the homeowner and can do whatever you please, whenever you please when it comes to fixing plumbing problems.

But what do you do when you discover a leak in a wall or floor in your condo? And what if water damage has resulted from the leak?

Condo ownership means you “own” just the space between your condo’s walls; the walls, roof, flooring, etc. are owned jointly by you and the other owners of units within the condominium project.

So if you find a water pipe leak or some other plumbing issue that’s affecting your unit, who is responsible for fixing the damage and paying for the repair?

It depends. Specifically, it depends on what actually caused the water damage

Your condo association will have insurance to cover the common areas of your development. As the homeowner, you will have individual condo insurance to cover the inside of your unit, such as your flooring, walls, and the contents of your condo.

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If the plumbing in walls or floors causes water damage in your unit, or your neighbor’s unit, who is responsible?

One of your important tasks as a condo owner is to make sure you are very familiar with your development’s master policy. You must clearly understand what is covered under the policy and what isn’t. This is important because some insurance policies do cover the fixtures in individual condo units while others cover only the building’s exterior, roof, common areas, and basement.

If water has caused damage and if the damage occurred because a toilet overflowed in your unit or because your kitchen pipe broke, the cost of repairs will probably be covered under your personal condo insurance.

But if the water damage was a result of an adjoining unit’s overflow, you may be in for some trouble, because many condo associations are unlikely to become involved in what is known as unit-to-unit issues. For example, your neighbor’s pipe burst in his kitchen, resulting in water damage that also came to impact your own unit.

Contact Your Condo Association

No matter if the water damage came as a result of your neighbor’s burst pipe or if the condo’s roof leaked, your first step is to contact your condo association. This way you’ll know soon enough if they think it’s something the association should make sure is fixed.

Determine Whose Insurance Will Pay for the Damage

Your next step to determine whose insurance will pay for the damage. File a claim with either your own individual policy insurance company or with the association’s insurance firm. If the water damage occurred because of a problem in your neighbor’s unit and neither of the insurance companies accepts your claim, talk directly with your neighbor and make sure you have as much information as you can get about his insurance policy.

Your Take Away

Know your individual policy and get a copy of your condo association’s policy. And be sure to do so before you could ever need it. In other words, have the policies handy and easily accessible.

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