Tips For Purchasing and Installing Bathtub Replacement Shower Pans

Bathtub replacement shower pans, the foundation for all tub-to-shower conversions, provide a base for stone, tile, or marble. They are the basis for converting any old bathtub into a functional, appealing bathroom feature.

Property owners choose to replace bathtubs for various reasons. Where ADA compliance is an issue, upgrading to a shower allows owners to add important features like balanced-temperature mixing valves that have levers that can be easily grasped, vertical safety bars, adjustable-height showerheads, and barrier-free entrances. For many, the bathtub is less safe and less practical than a shower and lacks features like benches, shelves, and footrests.

Superior product lines offer several important features. The pans are UL-listed and offer drains made of PVC, cast iron, or ABS to assist with code compliance in any locality. They also offer either barrier-free or single-curb entrances. In addition, they resist mold, odor-causing bacteria, and mildew and provide leak-free protection. Finally, they are pitched one quarter-inch per square foot toward the drain, preventing standing puddles that could cause slippage and therefore liability.

Installing a Replacement Pan

The first step to installing a replacement pan is to remove the old tub and surround using a reciprocating saw or a diamond saw, depending on whether the tub and surround were made of acrylic or tile. Then, saw through the drainpipe and removed the old pan. Mark the drain hole on the subfloor and note any tile overlap on the floor. Remove the pan and use a hammer and chisel to remove any tile that extends under the pan.

Attaching a Strainer to a Drain Hole

The builder should next attach the strainer to the drain hole. The subfloor should be vacuumed so that all debris is removed. The floor may have to be shimmed to ensure a level surface. Once that is complete, the builder should install the new pan and evaluate the level. The pan should be attached to studs with galvanized screws.

Final Steps

After installing the pan, the builder should connect the drainpipe and strainer via a compression gasket and then add the screen. The final step is to install a cement backer board, and then tile or other material can be added to complete the job.

Bathtub replacement pans are ideal for large jobs including hospitals, senior facilities, student dorms, hotels, and condos. The pan can be installed quickly and, if pans are uniform in all stalls, the tile can be precut. For owners, replacing outdated tubs can add both functionality and value to any property.

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