Should You Flush Down Your Toilet?

plunging a toilet clog

Toilet Problems

Many homeowners use a garbage disposal to get rid of leftovers or unwanted food. However, some homeowners also make the mistake of thinking that once food is shoved down the plumbing it’s out of sight and out of mind. 

This can lead to some people using their toilets to dispose of some food items that they think won’t cause any harm.

Unfortunately, not all plumbing systems work the same. So, let’s take a closer look at flushing food down the toilet and how it could be detrimental to your plumbing’s health.

Should You Flush Down Your Toilet?

Whether you mistakenly think that some food can go down a toilet or you have a curious toddler that likes to flush down their cereal when you aren’t looking, food is something that should never go with the flow of a flushing toilet.

Even the smaller foods can wreak major havoc on your plumbing and lead to deep clogs that can become expensive to clear out or fix. 

Oils and Fats Harden When Cooled

Although hot cooking oils and fats may seem like they are the perfect candidate to send down a toilet drain, even when combined with the rushing water of a flush, they can still create serious plumbing problems.

No matter how they are disposed of, oils, fats, and butter will eventually cool, harden and congeal. These viscous items can quickly move through a system, clog up a sewer line, and lead to plumbing problems that could impact plumbing systems beyond your own. 

Some Foods Break Down Slowly

Harder food items like bones and corn cobs could technically fit down a toilet’s system but are something you never want to flush away. These items would eventually break down but could still result in a clog that reaches beyond your home. 

However, before that even happens, we wouldn’t be surprised if your immediate plumbing was massively impacted to the point of unhealthy waste build-up. 

Avoid the mess and unnecessary plumber visits. Just keep tossing anything the garbage disposal can’t handle in the trash can.

Some Foods Expand With Water

Foods like rice and oatmeal are known to expand and thicken when combined with water. Although boiling water speeds up the thickening process, even regular toilet water can lead to grain expansion that clogs up your plumbing.

Signs of a Plumbing Problem

Fortunately, it’s easy to determine if you have a blocked toilet due to food and other unmentionables being flushed down its system. 

Some of the most common signs of toilet clogs include the following:

  • Full or overflowing toilet bowl
  • Foul stenches emitting from your toilet
  • Gurgling sounds from other fixtures in your bathroom
  • Slow drains after flushing

Resolve Your Fall Plumbing Issues With Plumbing Dynamics

If you’ve discovered your toilet isn’t flushing the way it should, it may be time to reach out to a licensed plumber to inspect your plumbing for a deep clog.

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