3 Signs Your Plumber is Over Charging

The majority of plumbers and plumbing companies are honest and will provide great plumbing service at reasonable rates.

But, as in any industry, some plumbers will try to overcharge you, to get as much out of you as possible. What’s more, some may actually overcharge you for services and parts rendered

Read below for three different ways your plumber could overcharge you

  • This first instance usually happens during large jobs, in which your plumbing issue requires at least two plumbers to do the job well. Two plumbers arrive on the first day but then three come in on the fourth, and another plumber arrives on the scene on the seventh day. You’re paying for labor, so you’ll be charged for these additional people. While most of them may have a legitimate reason to be there, some may not, but your plumber is charging for them anyway If this happens to you, ask why each person is there, what his job is, etc. If you get a hem and haw dance, stop the work until you feel comfortable that the workers there really need to be working on your plumbing.
  • There’s no law that plumbers must charge the same rate to everyone. This means that if a plumber feels you have more money to spend than another client, he may charge you more. To prevent this from happening, see if you can get quotes from at least three different plumbers before selecting one.
  • Never accept a plumber’s bid if he hasn’t seen your job. A plumber may tell you his hourly rate, but if he says he can fix a job in 10 hours, watch out! If you hire him and it ends up taking longer, unless you’ve had his bid in writing, you need to pay him the extra total. Once again, never let a plumber bid on your job without seeing your actual plumbing and never accept a bid that’s not in writing.

It’s also a very good idea to never hire a plumber who comes knocking on your door, offering a “special deal.” These individuals may not be licensed plumbers. You can take their information and then call the number they provide and check out the firm’s website to ensure that they are a legitimate company

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